ELETTO, a division of NITTO KOGYO CORP (Nagoya, Japan), specialized in electronic enclosures, control boxes, control boxes. Offering high quality, safety, and user friendly product. Along the founder’s central ambition, “We want to produce good products with outstanding quality,” the offering of product that pleased customers was always keep in mind, so that the aim never wavered from “highest quality” and “customer satisfaction.”

In Japan, we are No.1 marketing share in electronic enclosure. In Thailand ELETTO, is one of oversea marketing to Asian project. ELETTO (Thailand), set to be central Sales NITTO representative, expands to Asian; Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam. We will be one of new selection of user for high quality of steel enclosures with reasonable price.

The company serves steel enclosures, stainless enclosures, plastic enclosures, and thermal management, original equipment manufacturers and end users of low and medium voltage equipment in both industrial and commercial sectors.

We recognized the reservation of global environment is one of the most critical issues common to human beings, constructions, an efficient environment management system as the self responsibility of enterprise, and endeavors to achieve the harmony with nature throughout business activities and services. We have also been promoting the adaptation to the RoHS directive and the reduction of VOC (volatile organic compounds) such as formaldehyde, etc. taking the environment into consideration, from development stage according to the eco-product authorization system.